4 Steps to Paintless Dent Repair

If you were recently in a collision, you might have a dent on your car's body. If you want to fix it yourself, the first thing you should consider is how to fix it without having to redo the paint job. Here are some tips to get that done.

Inspect and Prepare

The first step of this type of project is always to get prepared for the actual repair work. Start by looking closely at the dent and identifying the depth and size. If it is a very deep or long dent, you might be better off taking your car to a professional auto body shop. Otherwise, the following methods should work just fine. If after inspecting the dented area you believe you can remove it yourself, you need to gather the right tools and supplies. You will need

  • a dent removal kit.
  • aluminum foil.
  • a lighter.
  • compressed air.
  • a hair dryer.

Use Foil and Compressed Air

The first method for removing a dent in your car without messing up the paint job is by using a combination of tools. You will need aluminum foil, a can of compressed air, and a lighter. Start by tearing a piece of aluminum foil and placing it over the dent. It should be large enough to cover the dent completely. You will then need to turn on your lighter and hold it over the aluminum foil that is sitting on the dent. Do this for about a minute, then remove the lighter and switch to the compressed air. Spray this on the foiled area of the dent for several seconds. What this does is allow high and low temperatures to release the dent and cause it to gradually pop out.

Try a Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

The next method you might want to try also uses hot and cold temperature, but uses different tools. For this method, you want to start by plugging in your hair dryer to an extension cord and pointing it directly at the dent with it on high. It should be as close to the dent as possible without actually touching the surface of the car. Heat up the dent for a few minutes, then spray the area with your can of compressed air. You should see a patch office form over the dent, which should then melt and pop out the dent.

Use a Dent Removal Kit

The final method should hopefully work if the previous two methods were unsuccessful. A dent removal kit usually includes a suctioning tool to help lift the dent. You want to place the suctioning tool directly over the dent. Once it is in place, pull the string of the tool to apply light pressure to the dented area of the metal. You can also try this same method by using a plunger for a very small and shallow dent. Talk to a collision center for assistance.