Child Getting Their First Car for Graduation? Add a New Car Stereo

If you are giving your child their first car for graduation, you may want to consider changing out the car stereo for a new updated one. Below are some tips to help you choose the right stereo for your child.


Most teenagers love music, and having a good car stereo is important to them. When purchasing a new stereo for your child, there are some key features you should make sure it has. Some of these features include:

  • Bluetooth: This technology allows your child to hear a caller's voice over the car's speakers. If they are listening to music while the call comes in, the music will automatically turn off. Your child will also be able to stream music from their audio device.
  • Power: Even if you purchase your child a top dollar stereo, it will not sound good without a good amplifier. When you purchase the new stereo, ask the salesman the best amplifier for that particular car stereo.
  • Subwoofer: A subwoofer will give your child's car stereo good bass sound. Most cars have small speakers that cannot produce this sound.


Being safe on the road may not be something your teen thinks about, but you likely do. There are many features you can add to their car to ease some of your stress.

One of the most important things you should watch for is the stereo's display. It should be large enough so your child can easily read it by just glancing at it. This makes it much safer for them as they will not be concentrating on looking at the stereo to find the station they want.

One such feature is a voice command on the audio system. This allows your child to turn up or down the volume, change radio stations, and pull up a certain playlist on their audio device all with their voice. They can do all of these things without taking their eyes off the road.

There are also devices you can have installed on the car that will chime when your child needs to put on their seat belt, and will turn off the car stereo while doing it so your child will hear the chime.

There are also devices that will control the volume of your child's stereo so they can only turn it up so high.

Visit a car stereo shop like Safe & Sound that can help you choose the best car stereo for your child's car. Take the car with you so they can see what will fit best in their dash.