Protect Your Camper While Parked In Hot Climates

Keeping your camper in good condition requires care both during use and when it is not being used. If your camper is stored in a hot climate, it is important that you take a few extra steps to ensure that the heat doesn't damage your camper while it isn't in use. Here, you will learn those steps to take to ensure the camper remains in the best possible condition in the hottest climates.

Sun Protection

Never store your camper with the blinds open. Close all of the blinds to keep as much sun out of the interior as possible. Failure to do so will lead to faded upholstery and carpeting and cracked woodwork, among other things.


Your camper needs air to flow through it when it is parked in the heat. Open the air vents slightly to allow heat to escape through the sky vents. They should only be opened enough to allow the heat to escape without allowing the rain to enter the camper.


If the camper is in a humid climate, you will have to do something to combat the excess moisture. A few buckets of charcoal or silica gel set throughout the camper will help to absorb the moisture in the air. Just remember that the charcoal or silica gel will need to be replaced every few weeks as it can only absorb so much before it is useless.

Campers parked in dry climates will need a bit of moisture introduced to the air to prevent wood drying out and cracking. Place a bucket or two of water in the camper and the water will evaporate and introduce enough moisture into the air to prevent damage without causing too much moisture in the air that could cause mold and mildew growth.


Even if every electrical element of your camper is turned off, the battery will slowly be drained. To avoid this, start the camper up every few weeks and let it charge the batteries up. If your camper is a trailer, charge the batteries up fully every few weeks to protect them from being drained completely.


The sun will dry-rot the tires if you don't protect them from direct exposure. You can pick up tire covers at your local RV dealership or simply wrap them with tarps or garbage bags. Just make sure that they are covered completely to avoid the expense of replacing the tires after a short time.

Your camper can last you many years and remain in superb condition if you take a few steps to protect it while not in use. Visit an RV center like Crowder RV Center, Inc. for more information.