Stop! 4 Signs Your Brakes Need Servicing

When it comes to your car, the last thing you want to do is cut corners on the maintenance. Things like oil changes, tune-ups and alignments are necessary to keep your car running smoothly. In addition to those maintenance issues, you also need to take care of your brakes. With proper maintenance, you can ensure that your car will slow down each time you put your foot on the brake pedal. If you pay attention, your car will tell you when the brakes need preventative maintenance. Here are four signs you should be aware of.

Strange Noises

When your brakes are new, you won't hear any noises when you push down on the brake pedal. Each time you apply the brakes, the pads press down on the rotors to slow the car down. Over time, the material wears off. When that happens, the bracket that's attached to the pad will begin to scrape against the rotor. You'll know it's time to repair the brakes when you hear a high-pitched squealing or grinding noise when you press down on the brake pedal.

Pulling to the Side

In most cases, your brakes will wear out evenly on both sides. However, occasionally, one side will wear out more quickly than the other. When that happens, you might notice that your car pulls to one side each time you apply the brakes. If your car is pulling to the side, that's a good sure sign that you should have your brakes inspected.

Spongy Pedal

When you press down on the brake pedal, your car should immediately begin to slow down. If you have to press down several inches before your car begins to decelerate, you should have your brakes looked at as soon as possible. Your brake pads may need replacing or you may have a clog in your brake line. If there's a clog, you're not getting enough brake fluid through to your brakes, which could interfere with your car's ability to stop properly.


Each time you apply the brake, your car should slow down smoothly. If you feel vibrations coming up through the floor of the car when you apply the brake, it could mean that the rotors are warped. If your car vibrates each time you stop the car, have your brakes checked as soon as possible.

Don't take chances with your brakes. If you've noticed any of the problems described above, you should have your brakes serviced by a licensed mechanic or shop such as Express Oil Change.