Closing Down Your Salvage Yard Business? 3 Ways Extra Towing Trucks And Various Clean-Up Trucks Can Help

Salvage yards deal in scrap metal and junked cars all the time, so a tow truck is almost always standard equipment. However, if you own a salvage yard and are seriously considering closing your business down, you may need more than just your one truck to empty the lot. Here are some ways in which extra towing and clean-up services can help.

Car Haulers as a Towing Option

When you have a lot of junk cars to move off your salvage lot, consider hiring a towing company that has some car haulers in their fleet. These can be used to clear a lot of the junk cars from your lot and sell them to other salvage yards before you close up shop. If you cannot get other towing companies with car haulers to help, look into shipping companies that move heavy equipment. They might have car haulers as part of their fleets, or they may just use flatbed and drop-bed trailers for the job.

Flatbed and Drop-Bed Trailers

To help clear away even more of the salvage from your business's yard, you may want to employ towing and/or shipping companies that have flatbed or drop-bed trailers. The flatbeds are commonly used for hauling total wrecks anyway, and the drop-beds are very useful for moving salvaged motorcycles on the upper platform while moving wrecked and salvaged cars and trucks on the lower platform. I may take several flatbed and drop-bed loads before your lot is clear, but they can move a lot of the salvage you have collected over the years a lot quicker than standard tow trucks.

Dumpster Pick-up Trucks

For all of the scraps and parts left over after the other towing vehicles have removed all of the large items, you can hire a dumpster company that has special trucks for dropping off and picking up dumpsters. Essentially, the entire "bed" of the truck is a dumpster, which is lowered and deposited onto your property. The truck has some very long prongs that look like forklift forks, and these slip in and out of the sides of the dumpster. If you have a few cars or trucks left on your lot that no flatbed or tow truck can take because the vehicles are too badly crunched or cut in half, then you can use a magnetic boom crane to lift these into the dumpster before it all gets picked up and hauled away.