Buying Used Tires: When To Consider And When To Avoid

If you are dealing with a strict budget and suddenly find yourself in need of a new tire, it's tempting to jump at used tire deals to quickly and cheaply get working tires again. However, buying used tires can be more than a bit of a minefield. There are some great deals out there, though, if you're careful. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be better off with completely new tires. If you've never gotten used tires before and have no idea what to look for, check out these three issues first to see whether you can use those used tires.


One of the top reasons for considering good used tires is the price. If you're faced with getting even two tires and are not able to come up with that much cash or credit, used tires could save you a lot of trouble. However, get them from a reputable dealer who has checked them out. If you get poor used tires, it's not going to matter how cheap they are because at best, you'll have to replace them quickly (thus spending more money on tires sooner than you had anticipated).

How Used Were They?

Another factor is whether the tires are truly used or just not new. Technically, a set of tires on a car that was new and then driven for only test drives are used, even though they were barely used. If you are familiar with the dealer or repair shop that is selling the tires, used could work well for you.

However, if the tires were driven for a long time and show obvious signs of wear, even if the treads look OK, you're better off getting new tires. While new tires can have problems too, you're more likely to have a warranty attached to those new tires.

Unknown History

Related to knowing how much the tires were used is knowing how they were used. If the test drives, for example, were over unpaved roads or at high speeds with hard stops, that's going to place a lot more wear and tear on the tires. Tires that were used for a while in very mild conditions might actually be in better shape. If you know the history of the car that previously had the tires, and the tires don't show obvious signs of rot or separation (KPHO in Phoenix says to look at the sidewalls of the tires for signs of these), they could be a good deal. But if you have no idea how the tires were used before, new tires will be a better deal for you.

If you need new tires or want to get used tires inspected, talk to a tire repair service, like PDR Automotive Inc. They can help you find the best pairs and best prices.