Tips For Effectively Organizing Your Toolbox

When you're an automotive enthusiast, you'll often find yourself at an auto parts store on the weekend, loading up on not only parts but also specific tools to get the job done right. Over time, you'll accumulate a sizable collection of tools that you'll need to store so that they're tidy and easy to sort through. A large toolbox (such as those from Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists) with a series of drawers of various depths is often the answer -- and it's ideal if it's on a rolling stand to allow you to freely move it around the garage. When it comes to keeping your tools organized inside the box, here are some tips to employ. 

Use Rubber Mats

The bottom of each of the drawers of your toolbox is made of metal, which means that your cools can easily slide around when you open or shut the drawer. The result will be a drawer full of tools that you'll constantly be organizing. You can avoid this issue by purchasing thin rubber mats and cutting them to size to fit in the drawers. The stickiness of the rubber is enough to keep the tools in place, which means that when you open a drawer, you'll see all your items professionally laid out in front of you.

Think Of Your Commonly Used Tools

While you'll likely have a variety of highly specialized tools that need storage in your toolbox, the reality is that these tools are often used only on occasion. It's important to make sure that they're stored out of the way in the toolbox's lower drawers and that your commonly used tools are stored in the higher drawers. This approach is ideal because the tools that you'll constantly be reaching for will essentially be at chest height. Things such as your screwdrivers, wrenches, socket sets and other similar tools are ideal for storing in these upper drawers. 

Use Magnetic Bowls

If you store hardware in your toolbox, the last thing you want to do is sorting through various items to find the nut or bolt that you need. You can avoid this hassle by placing magnetic bowls in specific drawers, and then filling the bowls with the hardware. It will cling to the bowls and be in easy reach when you pull open a drawer -- no needing to reach deep into the drawer to find a bolt that has rolled out of sight. If you're in the middle of a project, you can then remove the entire magnetic bowl of hardware and carry it over to your vehicle to begin working.