Three Types Of High Tech Transmissions And How Expensive Their Auto Transmissions Repairs Can Get

Once, you had the choice of a standard transmission or automatic transmission. Now you have a few more choices, courtesy of the newer "green" cars on the market. That also means you may have some expanded or reduced expenses when it comes to auto transmission repair. Here are the differences among these newer transmission types and what you can expect to pay to have them repaired.

Hydrogen-Powered Cars and NO Transmission

Many of the new hydrogen-powered cars and SUVs are powered with hydrogen, which means they typically go one or two speeds and stop. That means no transmission is necessary, and no clutch is needed either. So, how much would you expect to pay for transmission repairs in a hydrogen-powered vehicle with no transmission? That is correct—nothing. You will pay an astronomical amount of money at the time you purchase this type of vehicle, but you will never have to worry about transmission costs. (That is a pretty good trade-off, is it not?)

Hybrid Drive Trains and Transmissions

Hybrid vehicles sport some of the most complex and fancy transmissions/drive trains available. This is a design issue brought on by the numerous hybrid fuel source combinations and the need to accommodate the different combinations with different transmissions and drive trains. Any type of hybrid vehicle you drive is definitely doing a lot of good for the environment, but you can expect to have some very expensive transmission repairs. Some of these drive trains in these vehicles are split too, which means you have two separate drive trains powered by separate sources (i.e., one axle is driven by an electric motor while the other axle is driven by the traditional drive train and transmission system). The big money issue here occurs when both the electric motor that controls one axle and the transmission that controls the drive train and the other axle break down at the same time. This leads to repair costs in excess to what you would expect to pay for standard/automatic vehicles.

Manual/Electric Transmissions

Manual (floor stick shift) transmissions and cars with completely electric systems use very similar (or the same) transmissions and drive trains. Usually, any repair expenses you can expect for a manual transmission you can expect around the same cost for the transmission in a completely electric vehicle. Still, under certain circumstances, you can expect manual and electric transmissions repairs to cost less than hybrid transmissions repairs, but definitely more than the absent transmissions of hydrogen-powered vehicles.