3 Questions To Ask When Renting A Truck To Pull A Horse Trailer

Getting your horse to and from a show or race can be a nightmare if you haven't put a massive amount of money into buying a truck for the job. Renting requires much less monetary input and is just as convenient, but some truck rental companies will not allow you to rent for the purpose of transporting a horse or other type of large livestock. In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, here are three questions to ask when securing a rental truck to get you and your horse to your next show.

Can I Use the Truck for this Purpose?

This question might seem obvious, but it is a necessary one to ask, because if the answer is no, you can't waste any more time on the phone with this rental company. Make sure that the company you are dealing with knows exactly what you'll be using their truck for, because if you try to sneak it under the radar, then you might be faced with clean up costs or fines to deal with. 

What is the Towing Capacity of the Truck? 

Once you've established that you can use a company's trucks for transporting your horse, the next logical question to ask is how many horses or how large a trailer the trucks can handle. If you don't know the exact weight of your trailer, the trailer manufacturer will likely have that information available, or it could even be found in the purchase paperwork from the trailer. A great guide to determining your minimum towing capacity can be found here

Will the Truck Handle My Type of Trailer?

This question has more to do with the type of hitch that your trailer has, whether it's gooseneck or a ball hookup. This is important because some truck companies will not allow a gooseneck trailer hitch to be used in their vehicles. A rental company may even have a hitch recommendation that you can use or ask about to determine the best company to fit your needs. 

Many riders will tell you that the best way to transport your animals and gear is by buying your own truck, but if you're not ready or willing to make that leap, then renting is a very viable option, and can be just as convenient as buying if you know how to establish a go-to company to rent from whenever your horse needs transportation. 

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