Tips For Removing Dents From A Car Body

If you have a car, you likely want it to continue to look amazing, even after you have driven it for years. Something that could result in the car looking less amazing than you might prefer is a dent. Dents can make your car look older than it is and reduce its resale value. Here are some tips for getting rid of dents from the body of your car.

1. Pound in a Spiral Direction

The first thing that you are going to need to do is commit to pounding in a spiral direction. When you have a dent in the body of your car, take a dolly and place it on the outside of the dent, meaning the concave side. Then, reach around the other side with your hammer. You should feel a bulge where the dent has forced the car's body into a convex position on your side. Once you have located the dent, move the dolly slightly away from the center of the dent and hit your hammer directly in the center of the convex part of the dent. Start moving outside from the center in small circles that gradually get bigger and radiate out from the center. Every time you pound directly on the other side of the dolly with your hammer, move the dolly slightly. This will allow you to avoid having to hit the metal too hard to get the body of the car back into its original shape. Do this until most of the dent is gone. Throughout this process, try to make sure that you are using light little hammer bounces. This will prevent you from accidentally pushing the dent too far in a direction that you do not want.

2. Switch to a Smaller Hammer and Smaller Dolly

Fine tune the rest of the dent by switching to a smaller dolly and smaller hammer that will allow you to be more precise. Find uneven areas and radiate in small circles from their centers until the dent is entirely gone.

3. Repaint

Finally, put a few layers of primer onto the area where the dent was and repaint it. If you do not feel comfortable matching the paint exactly, take you vehicle to an auto body shop to have the area where the dent was repainted.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in auto body repair, such as Central Body Co Inc. They will be able to help you entirely even out the area where you had the dent.