3 Tips To Help You Evaluate A Used Semi

If you are just starting your own transportation company, you might not have the financial resources available to invest in a brand new semi truck. Purchasing a used semi can be a great alternative, but only if you take the time to ensure the truck you buy won't be a money pit in the future.

Here are three simple tips you can use when shopping for a used semi to ensure you purchase the best truck possible.

1. Check the oil to evaluate the mechanical condition of the truck.

Even if you aren't the most knowledgeable when it comes to mechanics, you can easily evaluate the mechanical condition of a used semi by taking the time to check the oil. The appearance of the oil can tell you a lot about how regularly the semi has been maintained throughout its lifetime.

By pulling the truck's oil dipstick and looking at the appearance of the oil, you can tell a lot about the condition of the truck's engine. Oil that appears sludgy or grainy could indicate that regular oil changes haven't taken place.

Brown bubbles or residue above the oil line on the dipstick could indicate that coolant has leaked into the engine. By identifying these potentially serious problems using the oil on a truck's dipstick, you can avoid investing in a semi that will need significant repairs in the near future.

2. Conduct a thorough visual inspection for signs of rust.

A used semi has seen some miles on the open road, which means it has likely come into contact with road salt. The combination of iron used to manufacture semi trucks, the oxygen in the air, water from adverse weather, and sodium chloride found in road salt creates a toxic cocktail that can lead to rust.

Both surface and structural rust could cause problems for you in the future, so be sure that any used semi truck you are considering purchasing doesn't have visible signs of rust.

3. Check for the availability of replacement parts.

Depending on the age of the used semi you are considering, you may find that replacement parts can be difficult to come by. If you want to avoid leaving your truck inoperable for periods of time while you struggle to find replacement parts for repairs, make sure that there are local sources available for acquiring the parts you need.

Having access to local parts for your used semi will help you stay on the road where you will be making money in the future. 

Buying a used semi can be beneficial, but take the time to check for mechanical damage, rust, and the availability of replacement parts before making a purchase. Visit http://www.arrowtruck.com/ for more information.