Got A Classic Car? Find Out What Two Features You Should Look For When You Need A Tow

If you need to have your automobile towed, there are many factors to consider when selecting a company. Looking for a towing company that is licensed, insured and has fair prices is important. However, if you have a classic car, there are a couple other features you need to look for in a tow truck company. Here are those two features and why they are important. 

Low-Profile Flatbeds

Many classic cars are lower to the ground than many of the cars we drive today. This may not be a huge deal as you cruise around in your vehicle, but it becomes one when you need a tow. The angle at which your vehicle is raised onto a standard flatbed can cause damage to a vehicle with a low ground clearance. Often the bumper, valance and exhaust system scrape on the bed. Finding a tow truck company that has low profile tow trucks allows you to ensure these items will not be damaged as your car is loaded up onto the truck and towed away. 

A Nylon Tie-Down System

Another feature that you will want to look for when towing a classic car is a  nylon tie-down system. Once your classic car is loaded onto the flatbed, it will need to be secured into place. This ensures the vehicle does not move or tip when the truck turns or hits bumps and potholes.

Typically, metal chains are wrapped around the vehicle, and metal hooks connect these chains to the base of the flatbed. Unfortunately, these chains may have some give and can bounce a little when the flatbed moves. If your classic car is low to the ground, the undercarriage is close to the tires, where the chains are wrapped. This means moving chains can hit the undercarriage. If the chains are made from metal, this can be damaging. As such, if you have a classic car, or even a lowered car, you want to find a tow company that uses a nylon tie-down system to secure your car in place on the flatbed without causing any damage to the vehicle. 

When you are towing a classic car, you need to take the time to find a towing company that can transport your vehicle, without damaging it. Looking for a company that has low-profile flatbed tow trucks and a nylon tie-down system can help keep your classic car in great shape while being towed. For more information, contact companies like Parkway Wrecker Service.