Tips For Removing Dents From A Car Body

If you have a car, you likely want it to continue to look amazing, even after you have driven it for years. Something that could result in the car looking less amazing than you might prefer is a dent. Dents can make your car look older than it is and reduce its resale value. Here are some tips for getting rid of dents from the body of your car. 1. Pound in a Spiral Direction

Flying for the First Time? Here Are Ways to Save Money on Airport Parking

When you're taking a flight for the first time, you can easily feel a little overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to think about before the flight, including carefully packing your carry-on bag, learning how early you need to arrive at the airport, and more. This can make parking seem like a minor consideration, but you don't want to simply park in the first lot you see and spend more than you should.

3 Things Your Machine Shop Needs To Know Before Fabricating Your New Engine

Restoring an old vehicle can be both exciting and a bit stressful. If you need to purchase a new engine in order to complete your vehicle's restoration, working with a machine shop to have an engine custom built could be a great option. Here are three pieces of information that you should be prepared to provide your machine shop to ensure that you end up with the engine that is best suited to meet your needs in the future.

3 Tips For Extending The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle's Transmission

Your vehicle's transmission is responsible for shifting gears and also transmitting power along the drive train. It can be argued that the transmission is one of the most important parts of a car, next to the engine. Without a transmission in good repair, you will not be able to drive your vehicle, and if your transmission fails you will be looking at a big bill to get it replaced. If you want to avoid the inconvenience and expense of a transmission failure, use the following tips to help extend the life of your automobile's transmission:

Changing A Failing Car Battery Yourself

Car batteries won't hold a charge forever. The good news is that they give you some warning before they fail completely. The bad news is that you only have a few days after they start to show signs of failing before they die. Here are the common symptoms of a failing car battery and how to replace it yourself so you don't get stranded in a car that won't start.